About Exenta

Exenta HRMS Software is a tool that helps organizations to simplify the work process. It also helps to empower, track and manage your workforce from different locations right from your overseas operation to a remote one. Exenta HR Software seamlessly integrates all the tasks into one operational data available at your finger tips. Exenta’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) powerful analytics helps your HR mission critical data that helps your teams by setting the right direction and improve your ROI by helping them make the right decisions. Exenta Human Resource Management Software is also available in HAAS.

Exenta Human Capital Management (HCM) is comprised of twenty well-defined modules that can categorically track, optimize and control every aspect of talent management. Each module has a comprehensible dashboard, simple and straightforward UI and most importantly customizable reports.

1. Applicant Tracking and Recruiting (Hiring Management) – this module tracks and analyses the overall hiring process including job postings, candidates and even the interviews.

2. Onboarding – a tool that can set up a dynamic onboarding process for the new recruits and monitor the efficacy of the process.

3. Time And Attendance – this module tracks employee timings and attendance and analyses how time translates to the performance of various departments.

4. Document Management – a digital filing system assisting office documentation especially the employee documents and various other statutory documents related to HR.

5. Asset Management – a system that can store, track and valuate the various assets used by the organization and employees.

6. Performance Management – a platform to track the performance and develop the productivity of teams and individuals in a live environment.

7. Benefits Administration – this module manages various benefits your organization offers to the employees.

8. Compensation Management – a sophisticated UI for managing the payroll and related activities for employees.

9. Travel Management – a module that can assist, record and track all official travels, hotel bookings and travel reimbursements etc.

10. Conveyance Management – this module manages all records related to daily employee transportation, and helps to analyse cost per head.

11. Transaction Management — this module manages records related to employee movements, transfers, team changes and role changes in the organization.

12. Separation Management (Exit) – documents the exits and terminations of employees and helps in assessing the impact on organization.

13. Learning Management – a module that helps to plan, execute and evaluate various employee trainings required in the organization.

14. Knowledge Management – a module that encourages knowledge sharing across organization.

15. Bulletin Board – this module displays the news updates and events updates related to the organization.

16. Dashboard – this module provides a graphical representation of status and trends of various processes in the organization.

17. Employee Self Service – a web-interface which provides employees an access to their own information with options to add or edit details or request certain support.

18. Staff Information System – an interface that manages the collective data related to employees’ personal and professional information.

19. Helpdesk – a ticket based support system for resolving various HR related issues that an employee may face.

20. Workflow Automation – this module helps to define and standardize the various processes in the organization and then automate the same.


Exenta – the product will help you to manage all the human resource processes on a single platform. It is a tool that automates the whole process. Right From onboarding to Exit, managing employee data, recording employee attendance, managing leaves, payroll, and compensation and recording employee movements. Be it benefits or taxes, employee performance and trainings, talent acquisition and succession, Exenta will help you align the process to a new level and your organization to stay ahead of competition.

Employee leave and conveyance, managing your register all become parts of Exenta process, helping you to reduce workload on your manager and also making effective use of resources in other areas of the organization avoiding clutter.

Hosted Application As Service (HAAS)

Unleash the Power to Break Open Success!

Increasing software requirements and unavailability of low cost software has become a deep concern in many organizations. Are you worried about rising software costs? Wondering all the good tools are unaffordable? Well you have come to the right place, A customized Hosted solution, HAAS.

Exenta’s Hosted Application as Service, is about command to lead your business into the foray of efficiency and innovation. With HAAS, you are handed over the full advantage of Human Capital Management through our secure data centres around the globe with quick deployment and towering support. Haas powers our efforts to bring you Exenta’s innovation and business intelligence at minimal IT infrastructure and hardware, simple installation and customizable solutions.

Exenta is made available through Haas deployment methodology in order to give your business immediate access to the unique capabilities of the software whilst we take care of the development, updates, maintenance, and hosting.


The benefits of Haas can be summarized as below.

Flexible and Customizable Solution

Haas provides you full control over what to include or exclude among our array of solutions. Whether you are a large, multi-national enterprise or a highly specialized business in a specific territory, we can configure the system to support your needs. Exenta has 20 compelling modules providing all-round solutions for automating your human capital management. Haas provides you freedom to customize these modules to precisely address your business requirements rather than being necessitated to opt for the entire package.

Quickest Access to Latest Enhancements

Haas enables you hassle-free access to our latest product enhancements. Irrespective of the customizations you have made, you will be authorized the latest version as we constantly upgrade our product features.

Hosting and Security, our responsibility

Exenta has servers deployed world-wide through secured datacenters with unlimited support assuring zero downtimes, faster response levels, and full-fledged disaster recovery control. Haas thus offers you uninterrupted access to Exenta with utmost security features.

Drive your business confidently

Focus on what really matters for success. Haas fuels your system maintenance, server backups, testing and entire infrastructure management. Our deep technical expertise, global standards and proven infrastructure make sure that your solution runs effectively and transparently. This way the time and effort often spent running systems internally can be rechanneled into activities that add new levels of innovation and efficiency in your business.

Client Feedback

“Exenta is a great tool. We have been able to reduce cost and set information at our fingertips after Exenta has been installed”
Remya, HR Manager,
Kumaran Automobiles
“Exenta has been like a boon for us, simplicity to use the product and the level of automation has evolved our HR practices to a new level”
Priya, AGM - Operations, I-Manager Publications
“Exenta is very user friendly and the global version has helped us to manage all our overseas offices with care from our corporate HQ”
William Stromire, Founder,
W D Stromire

Remya, HR Manager, Kumaran Automobiles

“Exenta is a great tool. We have been able to reduce cost and set information at our fingertips after Exenta has been installed”

Centhil Priya, AGM – Operations, I-Manager Publications

“Exenta has been like a boon for us, simplicity to use the product and the level of automation has evolved our HR practices to a new level”

William Stromire, Founder, W D Stromire

“Exenta is very user friendly and the global version has helped us to manage all our overseas offices with care from our corporate HQ”



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