How to complete a successful HRMS implementation

Today’s HRMS market is flooded by lot of HRMS vendors. It is very difficult as a HR person to choose the best one which suits their requirements. Each vendor markets their product with their core functions. It makes even tougher for the HR person to judge the product capabilities, if they are looking for a full fledged HRMS system which can fully automate the HR process in their organization. So now you may think that once you choose the perfect vendor from your perspective, you have completed the whole cycle. But in reality the most difficult task would be implementing […]

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HRMS and Social Media

In today’s HRMS world, integration with social media is a must for any HRMS product in the market. Because employees interact with social media like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis and they openly discuss about the pros and cons of the company. Websites like glass door allows employees to publish their feedback and opinion about their work culture in the current company. This makes the right information about the company available to candidates before joining the company. Any organization can increase the efficiency of their workforce by connecting with social media in a proper manner. Now a day’s […]

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The ROI Race

Businesses are finding that they have to change the way they do business. The strategic business plan is like a race plan. To have a successful trip to profitability, we need to know more on new dashboard measurements. The justification of costs associated with the purchase and implementation of a Human Resources Management System is one of the most pressing challenges facing many HR Departments. Employees are a company’s greatest assets, the integral part of the company’s mission. They are the company’s competitive advantage. Hence the company have to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and […]

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HRMS Software – The quality of being beneficial

A human resource information system is computer software which employers use to manage the human resources functions of their organization. It has the capability to maintain employment records of all staff members, and employers can use it to collect metrics surrounding the firm’s staffing, performance management, compensation and benefits activities. Perhaps the biggest gain of using an HRMS system adds to a business is its ability to create reports and presentations. The system typically holds all information surrounding the firm’s human resources initiatives, including details regarding the group’s hiring practices, such as a comprehensive listing of all job applicants, an […]

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Rewards of HRMS Cloud version

HRMS is the greatest concept presented couple of decades before which has now revolutionized the HR department functions. It has comparatively made the life easy for the HR persons and for the management. During initial days the major scenario HR has focused was on recruiting. Manually keeping the employee’s records was an enormous task. The entry of HRMS immensely reduced the manual work done by HR personnel’s. Have you decided to move on with HRMS? If so which one you will choose? Either Cloud or On-premise option? Let me share with you the vast advantages of using HRMS Cloud Version. […]

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Migrating to a new HRMS

Why you should look for new vendor for HRMS? In India most of the companies are still using an outdated HRMS or basic excel to manage their HR activities. Now technology has developed a lot and same thing applies to HRMS. Now a day’s automation plays a crucial role for any HRMS system. Your current system might be satisfying your existing needs, but you are missing the automation and technological advantages of latest HRMS systems in the market. If you face any one of the following issues, it is high time that you should migrate to a latest HRMS system. […]

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HRMS Software & Employee Participation

Forward-thinking employers are giving employees the tools to influence and take responsibility for a variety of HR functions. Within each of the primary HR categories (talent acquisition; performance and development; benefits and compensation; and workforce management) we see new ventures that are redefining how employees can participate in functions that were traditionally in the domain of the core human resources team. The talent acquisition category, helps HR and managers speed up hiring decisions by tapping into employees’ social networks, all offer social recruiting features that let employees make referrals and send direct invitations to candidates. Looking at performance and development, […]

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The correlation between Marketing and Human Resources

Marketing and human resources are not as different as one might think. Whenever we are trying to convince people, we need to position and market our proposition so it looks attractive. The correlation of marketing and human resources, functions in motivating behaviors of customer-contact, employees and the impact of this behavior on organizational performance. We have to maintain the value of interaction between Marketing and Human Resources which thereby leads to the importance of marketing in HR. In today’s competitive world talent acquisition is a big and challenging task. As companies increase day by day, getting the right candidates at […]

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