All in one key for all your Time and Attendance related queries.

Getting all the HR related laborious works done, on time with utmost perfection is easier said than done. Exenta can help you get the most value from your workforce by ensuring that your employees are working the right hours, in the right placeĀ  and are accurately rewarded for their time. No matter how big your business is, Exenta can streamline your Leave and Attendance and save your time and money. If you are using a biometric machine or any other automated attendance marking system the Exenta can automatically imports and processes your attendance data in a variety of formats giving you a complete insight into chronic absenteeism, habitual late comings, early exits and frequent outings that hamper productivity. Lack of an impeccable Attendance management system can result in costly employee turnover, decreased innovation and rampant employee disengagement, to name but a few of the more painful business consequences.

Exenta Time & Attendance Management module is a full featured solution that allows you to have thorough attendance planning, review and control over time management of your organisation. The solution allows improvising of employee time tracking, shift scheduling and reporting. The Time and Attendance system can be integrated with attendance recording device like Biometric / Access Card devices. It has options to manually upload attendance data or attendance can be auto-generated based on company policy and data from leave system. The Time and Attendance various reports are a jewel in the module, which allows the manager to review the deviation in shift and working hours against the man power planned for the day / week / month. This feature automates time tracking. The time at punch in and punch out of an employee is recorded, giving managers the ability to easily monitor attendance and absences.

Core Features

  • Administration and Management of Employee Timesheets
  • Employee Shift Planning
  • Configure Attendance Rules as per HR Policy
  • Maintain Multi-location Holiday List, Define Optional Holidays
  • Custom Attendance Capture as per customer system (Biometric/AccessCard/Manual/Auto)
  • Employee Attendance Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Leave Management
  • Late Management
  • Leave Encashment Process
  • HR Views for Effective Leave Applications Monitoring



  • Automated capturing and processing of employee productive hours including arrival, breaks, lunch, departure, POD, leave encashment and overtime management as per the clients attendance capture system (Biometric, Access card, Manual or Auto).

  • Comprehensive reporting and data management with options to handle exceptions manually.

  • Workflow based approval setup with numerous options to define work and leave schedules.

  • Ability to support extremely flexible shift structures for employees and manage timekeeping accordingly.

  • Monthly consolidated data of attendance details of employees for payroll integration can also be generated.

  • Enable online leave request and fast track the leave application processing time by automatic routing of requests to the respective managers.

  • Analyze attendance trends through the comprehensive and intuitive reports of each and every employee department wise.

  • Determine leave types and their specifications depending on the designation and years of service.

  • Define and maintain multi-national and optional holiday lists.

  • All the standard features are available on tablets and mobiles which make it all the more easier to access from anywhere and at anytime.

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