Managing Travel and Deputation of your Employees with ease.

Exenta’s transaction Management Module manages the organisations internal transfers, be it changing a reporting manager or department or even changing the work location of staff. Exenta manages this through a series of workflow based approvals and also maintains a history of these changes in the service record of the particular employee. Managing probations, evaluation during probations, extending it or making the employees, employee promotions and open jobs are also managed here. All approvals for travel and deputation, clearances for travel; temporary asset is all managed through this module. Transaction Management is central to a lot of processing management in the organisation and does effective record maintenance of all transition involved in the organisation.

Core Features

  • Employee Transfer management (Branch / Department)
  • Employee Promotion
  • Probation Management
  • Employee Role Change
  • Onsite Management
  • Template Management



  • Easy management of employee transactions especially probations, confirmations, contract extensions, transfers etc.

  • Convenient options to document the transaction.

  • Manage approvals, rejections, escalations and notifications.

  • Status availability at every stage.

  • Keeps an effective record of all transitions occurring within the organization.

  • Maintains a history of these changes in the service record of the particular employee as well.

  • All the standard features are available on tablets and mobiles which make it all the more easier to access from anywhere and at anytime.

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